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Innovative Classroom Grants Program

MARCH 31, 2023 Deadline for 2023 Grant Applications


When are grant applications due?  Grant Applications are due to Bruce Wright at the Liberty ISD Education Foundation office (1517 Trinity Street, Liberty) by 4:00PM sharp on March 31, 2023No applications will be accepted for the 2023 grant cycle after that time.

Who can apply for a grant?   Any employee of Liberty ISD

How many grants are awarded each grant cycle?   That depends on the number of applications and available grant funds and the quality of the grant applications.

Are there any restrictions to what grants are funded?  Grants for facilities or improvements to facilities will not be funded. Generally, the grant committee looks for "innovative teaching". It also considers whether the request is or should be funded through the normal budget process.

Can someone help me specifically with my grant? The Liberty ISD Education Foundation Grant Information sessions will be held (TBD) but there are over 50 former grant winners that can answer many of your questions. Check the Teaching Grants link.

How do I get started? Click the Grants link at the top of the page. Download the grant application and save it to your computer.

Is there a person that can answer any other question I may have?  Yes, Bruce Wright at the Foundation office. Call 936.641.0367

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