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Innovative Classroom Grants Program

When and where are grant applications due?  Grant Applications are due by 4:00PM sharp on Feb. 15, 2024. No applications will be accepted for the 2024 grant cycle after that time. Please submit 2 copies by email, one in PDF format and one in Word (docx.) to , or in person or by regular mail to:            


Liberty ISD Education Foundation

c/o Bruce Wright

1517 Trinity Street or PO Box 10437

Liberty, TX 77575


Who can apply for a grant?   Any employee of Liberty ISD

How many grants are awarded each grant cycle?   That depends on the number of applications and available grant funds and the quality of the grant applications.

Are there any restrictions to what grants are funded?  Grants for facilities or improvements to facilities will not be funded. Also, computers and smartboards are rarely funded. Generally, the grant committee looks for "innovative teaching". It also considers whether the request is or should be funded through the normal budget process.


  • Grant funds are to be used for innovative teaching grants. Creativity should be evident in the application.

  • How will the grant benefit students?

  • Is there evidence of expected higher order thinking skills?

  • Are the materials requested normally funded by the campus or district?

  • Does the grant proposal state a clear purpose?

  • Are the activities and evaluation clearly stated?

  • How many students will be impacted?

  • Remember: Grants are not intended to be a way to upgrade or replenish campus materials, supplies or technology needs normally supplied by tax dollars.


Can someone help me specifically with my grant? There are over 60 former grant winners that can answer many of your questions or Bruce Wright at the Foundation office (1517 Trinity Str.) can be contacted for help or questions at 936-641-0367.

How do I get started?      Download the grant application under the Grants menu and save it to your computer.

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